St Louis Challenge

The one week St Louis Challenge give you a ‘full on’ Africa and Sahara roadtrip experience without the heavy expenditure of time normally needed. Fly to Nouakchott where your 4×4 rental car will be waiting, ready for you to take it deep into Mauritania for a night at the Terjit oasis and then Atar. Bring it back to Nouakchott and then be driven to the Senegal border via the Diwaling National Park full of epic bird life.  Once across the border, a short taxi will bring you to St Louis, now a world heritage site, where you can chill at Zebrabar with a night in town at the classic Hotel De La Poste. Then it is available transport to Dakar for your flight home. We tend to use Turkish airlines who permit an open jaw flight such as this.

Your day planner could be; Night 1 Nouakchott, Night 2 Terjit,Night 3 Atar,Night 4 Nouakchott,Night 5 & 6 Zebrabar,Night 7 St Louis.Night 8 Dakar


Included in your fee is a car in Nouakchott which you can fill with any number of people you like. A St Louis Challenge roadbook. Mauritanian support from our man on the ground who will meet your plane. Senegal support from our lady on the ground in St Louis. What is not included is your flight (£400 per person return, on Turkish Airlines) Mauritanian visas, and your journey from Nouakchott to the Senegal border which can be arranged once in Nouakchott. Extend your holiday if you wish for no extra cost. Travel on a date of your choosing where we will provide you with a newish 4X4 which will allow you to go off piste in Mauritania to places like Guelb Er Richat and Chinguetti. Dates are very much down to you but we suggest between November and February. Simply email the Dakar Challenge for quotes and further information.