Frequently asked questions

When do applications close?
We take applications through to early September.

Why is it free to do the Mali route?
The Maili leg works like this – you pay £399 per car as you do for the Banjul route, and then when you meet our contact in Mali to prove you have finished there, we refund that sum to you.  This is because we want to encourage people to do that drive so we can raise funds for charities in Mali as Gambia has had around £1m from the rally over the years.

How much are ferries (guesstimate /guidance only)?
Plymouth – Santander about £350
Portsmouth – Bilbao about £350
Dover – Calais about £30
Gibraltar to Tangier circa £170

Why a Left Hand drive?
Gambians are only allowed to drive a left hand drive vehicle so these raise more at auction. Right hand drives in Gambia are used for spares or sold
in Mali.

How much money should I take?
B&Bs / campsites say £20 per person per night max.
Other costs: my guess is that all in all you should spend perhaps £1,000 per person excluding buying a car.

How many miles?
Distance is 4,000 miles to Banjul

Once you apply and pay the fee, you will receive the Roadbook which contains advice about visas, but always do your own research, particularly non EU passport holders.

Will more routes be added in future?
Hilary will be doing the Banjul route in 2019 with a girlfriend, and then Julian will meet me at the finish, and we are going to carry on through to Mali and then the Ivory Coast.  That way we work out a new Challenge route which will be live for 2020 and add to the adventure.  If you fancy doing this drive too, please contact us.

What do I receive in return for the fee?

  • Roadbook
  • One paperback issue book by a previous participant.
    A WhatsApp group linking all participants so you can keep in touch enroute
  • Facebook page for all participants
  • Free night at the B&B run by the rally organisers in Whimple Devon.
    Official PDC car stickers and entry numbers.
  • Support in Mauritania thanks to our contact there.
  • Advice on flights home with Royal Air Maroc.
  • Behind the scenes administration to help smooth passage through borders (no guarantees of success, however!)
  • Behind the scenes international liaison with partners and coordinators that allow this event to take place.
  • Web site listing so you can see who is participating (only paid up teams added)
  • Inclusion within the formal lists of Participants that are issued to the Officials of some of the countries en route.

Application form

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