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Driving Challenges Application

Before you complete and return the application form for the driving challenges, please read below:

The Challenges are un-supported. There will be no back up and teams are expected to help each other in times of need.Teams are expected to plan their trip with the help of the roadbook, getting the necessary inoculations, visas, hotel, ferry and flight bookings where appropriate.

The Challenge IS NOT A RACE!  Despite many years of the Challenge running, people still appear not to understand this aspect – you will get more out of the experience if you absorb the scenery, enjoy local food, meet people, etc. There are NO benefits to arriving anywhere first (except maybe to grab the best camping spot). There are no points or prizes or status associated with being fastest over any section of the journey. Racing on public highways is illegal in most countries. Stay safe, stay within the speed limits as determined by the locality.

For the purpose of the Challenge, a “team” is defined as one vehicle and its 2 occupants.  You may fill your car with more people at no extra cost.

All correspondence will be sent to the principle contact of each team.  Email is the primary form of communication used to inform and organise, and the primary contact must endeavor to maintain a reliable email account, with sufficient in-box capacity.


The fee is £399 per car.  Please have a look at the application form to see what this covers.

You will need to cover the costs related to your vehicle, fuel, food, camping, vaccinations, malaria protection, border crossings, flights home, etc

At times, applicants have to drop out.  Sadly, we never refund fees but we MAY permit you to defer to another year or challenge.

After completing the downloadable application form, save it and email it to  Payment info is on the form. Entry fees will be refunded if you finish the challenge in Bamako, Mali.

Please be absolutely certain that you will be able to take part before you commit yourself.


Please note that once you submit your application form and pay the £399 fee, your email address and mobile number and vehicle info will be added to a contact list which will eventually be shared with all other teams participating so you can get the most out of your trip and link up with the other teams.  It will also be shared with officials along the route to assist your journey.

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