Feb 2016 is launch month for this year’s run.

We are now ready to go with this years run to West Africa and depart the UK on Dec 26th with that evening in Calais. It is then 2 days drive to the rally hotel in Tarifa,Spain and the hotel is included in your rally fee. All groups (Mali,Mauritania and Gambia) leave together and only split up when you get to Mauritania. As ever, Gambia insists on LHDs while you are free to chose for other routes. No January run planned unless there is demand and if you drive the route in Jan 2017, I suggest to make a Malian music festival your finishing point. http://www.festivalsegou.org/ They will update their website in Sept 2016 with the lineup.

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Feb 2016 is launch month for this year’s run.

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