Baghdad to Basra Challenge

Now that ISIL is effectively vanquished in Iraq, the time has come to visit the safer parts of the country to get your fill of Presidential Palaces, the Marsh Arabs, Gulf war memorabilia and an architectural heritage both from the earliest human occupation to the great mosques of Islam.

The first Baghdad Basra trip ran in Dec 2017  we all had a stunning time.


The next trip will run on Jan 25 2020. Thanks to Baghdad now being served by Budget airlines, the cost of ying there is not expected to be excessive (expect to pay around £350). Iraqi fly from Gatwick on Thursdays. The tour itself including transport in Iraq, hotels and all meals is expected to cost $1900. We are limiting numbers to the capacity of a minibus. If keen, please fill in the application form and we will need a £150 deposit which is non-refundable, if the tour runs. Do not book your flights until the tour is confirmed. Visas are required which entails a visit to the local Iraqi embassy. We provide the paperwork. The tour will run with a minimum of 5 people.

A day planner might look like this:

Jan 25 fly to Baghdad

Jan 26 Baghdad

Jan 27 Baghdad

Jan 28 Samara & Ctestiphon

Jan 29 Kerbala

Jan 30 Najaf

Jan 31 leave Iraq:


For Jan 2020 we have possibles: Ray Whinray, Jordan Hargrave,Yi Pin Lin, Will Leong, Chris Furman, Xavier Hay, Terrance Oconnell, Lucy Huang, Piotr Wasil, Dick & Sue Miller.